Thursday, July 16, 2009

The ever-touchy issue of horse slaughter.

With all the recently escalated talk of slaughter and over-population and a crappy in-the-toilet economy, I figured it's time to make this post:

How hard would it be to fix the horse slaughter problems?

In truth, it would not be very hard to get slaughter to humane standards. It wouldn't even cost the plants an atrocious amount of money and would actually save them time.

Firstly, talk about getting them there. Using proper trailers and tying the horses wouldn't be that hard. If the horse is going to be on the trailer for an extended period of time, give them hay nets. Seriously. Not a hard concept. Before they get on the trailer, have the shoes removed. This all takes MINIMAL work. I know there would be a lot of willing hands to do it in the name of a HUMANE death for an animal that has no other choice.

Then, them waiting. What would be so hard about setting up an outdoor pasture with water tubs, and then roll out some hay once in a while? That's ALL they would need. Just a big freaking pasture. Then round them up and send them down the chute. They get time to stretch their legs and run around before they die. Again, I know a lot of people would volunteer to set this up in the name of humane slaughter. You could probably even find people to catch horses and take them to the chutes.

Okay, so the chutes.

Raise the walls so the horses can't see out or try to climb out or scare themselves with all the goings-on outside the chute. Put rubber on the floors so they don't slip... it's not that hard, use the stuff they put in stalls. They're just as easy to hose down, too and would save horse from falling which stalls production anyways.

Cut the chute off 20 feet behind the slaughter chute so they can't see or hear what happens to the horse in front of them.

Then... use a bullet. None of this captive bolt bullshit.

Then continue as you usually do.

That's not even hard to execute. Horse comes in, shoot it, done. No struggle, no falling, no painful misses, no terror for the animals in waiting.

Then I would be perfectly okay with slaughter.

Spread the news and knowledge and let's hope to do something about it.