Monday, March 30, 2009

Not horse-related.

I'm in Hawaii! And the girls were complaining about having a serious topic set up so here's the happiness... party away ladies haha


  1. Well, if you INSIST, Mel:)
    How IS Hawaii??
    Lucky b*tch.

    (taking top TropicalTupperware Truck)



  2. DammiT, bEAt Me aGaiN!!!
    or should that be
    TammiT to TeLL!!!!????

    Just where is the goat??? Bowling at SWA's again?

  3. Well, this is a fine kettle of fish. After we HAULED everything over to BHMs, the goat and the tassles are missing (I think Brett may be involved with that somehow!) and half the crew isn't fit to drive. There's Tupperware spread all over the place and the Turdburgler is scrambling trying to clean up.

    Somebody, I think it's GL, is trying to bring back the TupperToilet and is busy with some duct tape fashioning a weird looking contraption out of a salad bowl, two lids and a dessert platter. And she won't give up that darn tiara. If there is ever a Tupperware Pageant she will be your clear cut winner.

    The Tupperware lady is SO pissed off.

  4. Hawaii. That's just not right. :) I want to be in Hawaii. I'm giving myself a Tupperware treat for being the biggest whiner.

  5. Did you know that there's a drink called a Tidybowl? Vodka, a little blue Curacau ( or any blue liquor) and float a raisin on top? I really impressed my kids with that one I tell ya!

  6. Oh my kestrel. Just. Oh my. :) I wonder who thought up that drink? Fun stuff.

    I thought of you yesterday because I looked out my window and a kestrel was hovering over the south field next to the house. :)

  7. Hope she is having a blast ! tya think we could bring tcow instead of tgoat ?

  8. Oh FV, a tcow is a wonderful idea! There's a place to hang tassles and everything! It's a win-win. :)

  9. swa- do you think we are made of tassels?

  10. Well NCC, maybe we could go for something else...anything will do as long as it's festive. Maybe some pretty, sparkly ribbon? Crepe paper? Hawaiian leis? Those would serve a dual purpose, honoring Mel's trip and also decorating the, ummmm, area. Attaching them might prove to be difficult. But we are a resourceful bunch, we'll think of something. I'll ask Brett.

  11. Nah, just put Tupperware hats on t'goat and t'cow, party punch burps will save Tupperburp inspection time for serious jello shooters!

  12. Okay, where's the darned pics??

    Hope you are well, and enjoying our lovely Canadian spring.
    I hear you guys have it right now.
    Give it BACK!!

  13. 14th, for superstitious purposes..

    yes, HP. I don't like 113 comments:)