Friday, February 6, 2009

Horse abuse - asshole's not getting away with it this time!

I would like to introduce to you a "man" named Cleve Wells. A "horse trainer."

Cleve was recently smacked in the face by one of his clients when they showed up unannounced to check on their horse, to see how he was doing.

This is important, people! If these people had not done this THEIR HORSE WOULD MOST LIKELY BE DEAD RIGHT NOW! If you send your horse away for training, GO CHECK ON THEM UNANNOUNCED. If the trainer won't allow it, they are the wrong trainer for you. Period.

At any rate, the owners came to the barn to discover their horse had been disgustingly abused. His nose had lacerations on it, his jaw was HORRIDLY broken (the vet had to remove a two inch and a two and an a half inch chunk of bone), and his sides had been raked with spurs until they split and bled (which take a lot of force, horse hide is thick).

He claims that a worker of his was responsible but that is irrelevant. The horse was in HIS care, under HIS name, entrusted to HIM and spending time at HIS barn. These wounds were oozing with infection when the horse was discovered, meaning the horse had been that way for days and probably (most likely) weeks, meaning that Cleve has no excuse. A vet wasn't even called. Whether he physically did it himself or not, he is still responsible for what happened and the charge is on him.

These owners did the right thing. They documented it and pressed charges.

FHotD blog here (graphic pictures):

News article here:

Well, now the court wants to drop the case. Cleve will most likely walk away from this without so much as a kick in the ass. We can't let this happen, because we KNOW where this will end up! He'll be back out and abusing and KILLING horses once more. Yes. He's killed horses.

You can YouTube his videos (search Cleve Wells) where you see him instructing people to knock their horse in the head, pull up on their face, and rake them with spurs whether they need it or not. He has always been notorious for being rough with his horses in the public eye, so can you IMAGINE what goes on behind closed doors? My guess is that this poor AQHA horse is only the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, after the owners reported Cleve people became emboldened and came forward with their own stories of abuse relating to him... which isn't as good as it should be. The abuse should have been reported IMMEDIATELY. But at least it's out in the open now.

Now. We need your help.

I need letters sent. Dozens and dozens of letters.

These need to be CALM, RATIONAL, and EDUCATED. They cannot be full of profanity, they cannot go on mindless rants about what a douche bag Cleve is (chose nicer words for the term "douche bag" at least... LOL), the cannot in ANY WAY insult the addressee.

Make a firm, forward point as to why animal abuse like this should be punished and present a very strong argument as to why Cleve should be tried, fined, and put behind bars.

The more people who do this, the better. EVERY SINGLE LETTER COUNTS. People from all over the US and Canada are agreeing to write, but the more letters we have, the more chance we've got of getting this waste of skin behind bars.

If you are worried about presenting yourself well, I am willing to proof read any letter you may want me to. You do NOT need to be obsessed with animals in any way. You don't even need to like them very much to know that THIS IS WRONG. Please, no matter how much you do or don't like animals, write these people a letter and get them to come around.

It might save some lives.

Contact information is:

District Attorney
Honorable Dale Hanna
Phone: (817) 556-6802
Fax: (817) 556-6816

Write to:
Guinn Justice Center
204 S. Buffalo Ave Room: 209
Cleburne, Texas 76033

If you have any doubt about this person, look no farther than his website.

Look on the tack for sale. You will see some of the HARSHEST bits and spurs available. Nothing but rowels and Cathedral bits.

In my ever-strong opinion, I have always, ALWAYS said that a cathedral bit is a bit that does not belong in the mouth of a horse. It has extremely long shanks and a huge, high port which can lay waste to the inside of a horse's mouth in seconds.

The roweled spurs are stupidly harsh, and in my opinion NO HORSE NEEDS SPURS THAT HARSH. Ever. Period. End of story. I, myself, have never used spurs at all. I've never needed them... not even with leg-dead, cue-dead, bomb-proofed, wont-run-if-a-cougar-bit-i
ts-ass trail string horses.

What a waste of space.



  1. Hey Mellow, I have not read it all, but, I do very much like what I have seen thus far.

    The situation with Cleve/Assistant sucks...

    I wish you much success with your blogspot.

    The education possibities are tremendous...

  2. AMM, sorry old habits die hard, in the fingers.
    Your comment on Fugly totally completely ROCKS, my little world.
    Hugs, kid.
    Kudos to you for saying 'zactly the right thing.

    I'm writing letters, keep letting me know where.

    Let's keep learning, and helping.
    My vote goes to you kid. Sorry, for the sewage I had to spew. You said it waaaaay better.

    Go canada:):):)

  3. LOL, the word verf thing wAs

    NO Vile Biles! No biliousness, for goodness sakes.
    Discourse, for goodness sakes.
    So proud of you.

  4. Mel

    Congratulations on creating an effective educational blog.

    I would feel very confident referring folks to this blog.

    P.S. Congrats on the engagement!..

    I concur with Go. You Rock!!!

  5. Thanks so much you guys! If the comments and readers keep up, I'll do my best to update this blog more often.

  6. Son of a bitch needs some pain therapy, CCC style. And you know, anyone who takes their horse to him after all of this, needs the same.

    Will write a nicely composed, mature, non-violent letter.

    Will kill me though.

  7. I can’t really imagine how people could abuse horses when at the first place they let them produce. Do they really know the horse reproduction?